Conductivity, TDS, Resistivity sensor CR-102H-10

Short Description:

1. Easy to use and stable performance.
2. With PT100, PT1000, NTC 10K Thermister.
3. Adopt S.S.316L material material, has strong anti-acid and anti-alkaine character.

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Main Technique Specifciation
Measuring range 0-20mS/ 0-200mS                       0-17,500ppm Body main material Stainless steel +Polysulfone resin
Constant 10.0 cm-1 Electrode structure  Bipolar
Temp. Compensation PT1000, PT100, NTC 10K Response time 5sec
Temp. Range 0-100℃ Connect dimension 1/2" NPT thread
Pressure range 0-0.6mPa Cable length 5m or as per request
Cable join way Pin or BNC connector Installation way Piping 

Widly used for industrial water, tap water, cooling tower water, boiler circulation water, etc. conductivity

Conductivity High temp.Sensor CR-102H-10
online High temperature 10.0 sensor

Conductivity senor-drawing

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